Don't make it easy for bicycle thieves

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012

Now that school is back we see our bicycle racks are full. The University has more than 2,000 on campus parking stalls for bicycles. Most cyclists who lock their bike on campus are very proactive and lock their bicycles to racks. However, many do not realize that the lock they are using could be easily cut. Cable or chain locks are not as effective as they look.  Many of these locks can be cut easily with bolt cutters or tin snips. Most bicycle thieves carry these tools which can cut through cable or chains very easily and quietly. On campus, approximately 90 per cent of bicycles are locked in this fashion. Many bicycle theft reports on campus indicate that the stolen bicycle was secured using a cable lock

Do you have a cable lock for your bicycle? Consider replacing your current cable or chain lock with a “U” lock which is made from hard steel. These locks cannot be cut with simple tools like bolt cutters and require a great deal of effort to remove. “U” locks do cost a bit more but consider how much is your bicycle worth and how much it would be missed if stolen.  It is also important to lock your bicycle properly


It is also a great idea to take a digital photo of your bicycle, the serial number and a description (i.e. colour, make, model, frame size, number of gears etc) and the serial number. Keep this information in a safe place  like a USB stick so that in the event your bicycle is stolen, it can be given to police for their report. The serial number is particularly important. If the police locate your bike or if a person has a bicycle in their possession that matches the description of yours, having the serial number will prove without a doubt that the bicycle is yours.


Bicycle theft does occur on campus.  Take responsibility for your bicycle and secure it properly, don't make it easy for a bicycle thief to steal your mode of transportation 

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