Bicycles in University Buildings Policy

Applicable Legislation or Policies:

Ontario Fire Code (O. Reg 388/97)

The purpose of this policy is to promote fire safety awareness and to ensure unobstructed egresses from University buildings in the event of a fire emergency or evacuation. The policy also is intended to prevent damage to property and ensure standards of cleanliness. 

Applicable Legislation:

1.1 In accordance with the Ontario Fire Code {subsection} access to exits, including corridors used by the public and exits, including outside areas, shall be maintained free of obstructions.

Policy Statement

2.1 Bicycles shall not be stored inside University buildings unless the storage space is specifically designed for such purposes and has been previously approved (e.g. residence bike rooms).

2.2 Bicycles are not to be brought inside University buildings (may exclude residences) and stored in corridors, stairwells, or personal offices. Bringing bicycles inside can create cleanliness concerns (e.g. tracked in dirt) and/or may cause damage to facilities (e.g. scratched or punctured walls, oil and grease on carpets etc...).

2.3 Outside bicycles racks are provided by the University.

2.4. Bicycles which are deemed to be obstructing an evacuation egress may be addressed through the Fire Safety Office and/or the building and facility management.

2.5 Building and facility management shall ensure life safety egresses and University property are not compromised by bicycles stored or found inside a building.


Policy No: 851.02.06 

Revised: October 6, 2016

Cancels: September 2000 

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