Bicycle Safety

Image of bicycles with locks

Bicycle racks are provided across the campus and have been positioned in well lit, high traffic locations for your convenience. If your bicycle is obstructing building entrances, exits or is locked to a wheelchair ramp, tree or Blue Light Emergency Phone, it may be removed. More information can be obtained  by calling 519-840-5000,

Secure your front wheel and frame to the bike rack. You may wish to use more than one lock. Thieves will take bicycle parts if they cannot take the whole bicycle. Take all easily removable parts and accessories with you to class or lock them somewhere in a secure place.

Buying a good calibre U-bolt lock to protect your bicycle is something which many cyclists neglect to do. Not locking your bicycle or locking it with an inferior lock is an invitation to bicycle thieves. Be sure to place your lock as high off the ground as possible. This will frustrate a thief who wishes to discretely force or smash the lock.

Take a photo and record the serial number, make, model, size, colour, number of gears and the purchase price of the bicycle.


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