Firearms Policy

Applicable Legislation or Policies:

Applicable Legislation or Policies: The Firearms Act, 1998

The purpose of this policy is to restrict and control firearms on University owned, leased, or managed properties. 


1.1 Firearms: means any firearm regulated by the Firearms Act.

Policy Statement:

2.1 All University –owned firearms shall be registered with the Director Campus Community Police, Emergency Management and Fire Safety (otherwise known as the “Director) and with the Canadian Firearms Centre.

2.2 The possession of firearms on University owned, leased, or managed property, and in University vehicles is prohibited without expressed approval from the Director.

2.3 The secure storage of a firearm and ammunition shall be approved by the Director and in accordance with applicable legislation.

2.4 No person shall be permitted to possess, acquire, handle, or use a firearm for a University- sanctioned purpose unless they have passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC), and are licensed in accordance with the Firearms Act.


3.1 Additional guidelines, requirements and information is available through the Canadian

Visit RCMP's Firearms Program. To further discuss firearms safety issues contact Campus Community Police.


Revised: October 6th, 2016

Cancels: September 2000

Policy No: 851.07.12 

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