R.A.D Program

Self-Defense for Women

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive, women only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance. Although reducing a woman’s risk is 90% of self-defense the R.A.D. System progresses into basic hands-on defense training. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program.

To date over 250 women have been taught R.A.D. at the University of Guelph. Currently only the women’s programs are taught at the University of Guelph, but we hope to bring the men’s program to the University in the near future.

The self-defense tactics taught in R.A.D. are made up of techniques which are easy to learn, remember and use. This system provides women with the knowledge and hands-on training needed to make an informed decision about self-defense. The R.A.D. System is currently taught at over 250 colleges and universities in North America, including over 7,000 instructors and over 300,000 graduates. R.A.D. System is the largest women’s self-defense program of it’s kind and has a lifetime return and practice for free policy offered anywhere in North America, which applies to every graduate of the course.

More Information

All Courses: A minimum of 6 participants are needed for all courses. All participants must be affiliated with the University of Guelph (Guelph-Humber, Research Stations, Ridgetown, Kemptville and Alfred Colleges). Registration cost for Students is $5.00 and for Staff and Faculty is $10.00, which must be paid up front.

Basic—women’s: A 8 - 12 hour course which can be split up into 2, 3 or 4 days. Participants can sign up for a pre-scheduled course or arrange to have one taught with their friends/co-workers. In this course you will learn about risk: recognition, reduction, awareness and avoidance. Basic self defense techniques are learned and used during a simulated attack..

Advanced—women’s: This course is the next step to Basic. In this course we build on the techniques taught in Basic thus participants must have completed Basic before attending Advanced.

If you want more information about this course or are interested in signing up please contact Campus Police by email at info@police.uoguelph.ca.

Comments on R.A.D. from participants in their own words:

 “AWESOME” — Shani

“Very empowering!” — Bonnie

“All the women I know should take this course.” — Mary

“Best workshop I ever attended. It was very exciting, interesting and informative.” — Doreen

“The most informative confidence building course I have ever attended at the University.” —Heather

“I recommend this course to all females on campus.” —Alyssa

“I feel very empowered and much less afraid—Thank you.” — Suzanne

“This program was absolutely amazing and completely exceeded my expectations. I was able to gain self-confidence and respect for myself.” — Gabriele

Radically Changing Defense for Women

“Women must not depend on the protection of a man but
must be taught to defend herself”
 Susan B. Anthony, 1871